23 – 25 October 2015, the village of Bistritsa Sofia Municipality



The contest is named after Georgi Galabov. His works and creativity laid the foundations of the Bulgarian accordion school and he trained and taught a huge number of pupils and students who at present continue to develop his work throughout the country. Georgi Galabov represented Bulgaria in juries at international accordion contests for more than 30 years.

International participants in different age groups can also participate.

Goals of the contest:

  • to promote the Bulgarian music at the international stage
  • to encourage young performers in their musical development
  • to support young musicians in their preparation for other public performances and contests
  • to allow teachers and participants alike to gain experience and exchange literature and interpretations
  • to support joint music projects
  • to support the creation of new joint works for accordion and other instruments

Rules of Procedure

I. General priciples


1. The national contest shall take place biannually at “St. Tsar Boris I” community centre in Bistritsa, Sofia.

2. 2. The contest is open for Bulgarian and foreign artists up to 35 years of age, grouped according to their age in two categories – Soloists and Chamber Music.

3. 3. By 30 January of the year of the contest, the organizers shall publish the statute and the registration form for participation

4. 4. Only participants who have sent regular documents and who have paid their participation fee by 30 June of the year of the contest will be invited to participate.

5. The organizers shall confirm the participation to the respective applicants by 15 September of the year of the contest.

6. A paid fee shall not be refunded in case of failure to attend the contest.

7. The final schedule with the participants shall be announced by the organizers by 30 September of the year of the contest.

8. The sequence of the performances is in alphabetic order of the first names.

9. The participants shall cover their travel and per diem expenses during the contest.

10. The organizers shall help with the accommodation organization if required by participants.

11. The organizing committee reserves its right to photograph and record the acts in view of creating an archive and promoting the contest without paying copyrights and indemnifications.


II. Age groups and schedule

Category 1: Soloists

The participants in all age groups in this category perform an act of their choice which must include a performance of a Bulgarian work or a work in traditional folklore style and at least one original work for the accordion..

Age groups and duration of the performance

Group 1 - up to 9 years (born after 30 June 2005), performance of maximum of 5 min.

Group 2 – up to 12 years (born after 30 June 2002), performance of maximum of 8 min.

Group 3 – up to 15 years (born after 30 June 1999), performance of maximum of 10 min.

Group 4 – up to 19 years (born after 30.06.1995), performance of up to 15 min.

Group 5 – up to 35 years. Performance of maximum of 20 min.

Category 2: Chamber music

Accordion and mixed (accordion with another/ other instrument(s) or with vocals) bands of 2 to 5 members can participate.

Age groups and duration

Group 1 – up to 12 years (born after 30.06.2002). Performance of maximum of 10 min.

Group 2 – up to 19 years (born after 30.06.1995). Performance of maximum of 15 min.

Group 3 – up to 35 years. Performance of maximum of 20 min.


III. Jury and prizes


The performances in each age group are assessed by a jury of 5 members according to a 25-point scale with accuracy of 0,25. Each judge assigns an individual score and has no right to announce it to other jury members. The highest and the lowest scores are dismissed. The final score of each participant is the average score of the other three score which determines the respective place in the ranking. This score is the final one.

Each contestant shall receive a certificate.

The contestants ranked first, second and third in each age group shall receive First, Second and Third prize respectively - a certificate, a cup and money or non-cash prize.

The participants with the highest score at the contest shall be awarded the special “Georgi Galabov” prize.

The jury shall also be entitled to award additional prizes.

Natural and legal entities can also announce prizes but these shall be awarded only upon the jury’s decision.

Each teacher gets for each student and chamber band with::

First prize – 3 points;

Second prize – 2 points;

Third prize – 1 point.

The two teachers with the most points receive:

- A certificate for achievement and

- The right to be jury members at the next contest.

If any of them quits as a jury member the next in the ranking shall be entitled to this right.

Money and non-cash prizes according to age groups

Category 1: Soloists

First age group: I, II and III prize – non-cash

Second, Third and Fourth age groups:
I prize – 150 BGN; II prize – 100 BGN; III prize – 50 BGN

Fifth age group:
I prize – 250 BGN; II prize – 150 BGN; III prize – 100 BGN

Category 2: Chamber music

First, Second and Third Age groups: I prize – 150 BGN; II prize – 100 BGN; III prize – 50 BGN


IV. Participation fees


а) For Bulgarian participants:

- Category 1: Soloists – 25 BGN;

- Category 2: Chamber music – 15 BGN per participant.

б) За чуждестранни участници:

- Category 1: Soloists – 15 EUR;

- Category 2: Chamber music – 10 EUR per participant.


V. Documents for participation


1. Filled in application form which you can download in the format you prefer:

Application form, category 1: soloists - doc format, odt format, pdf format

Application form, category 2: chamber music - doc format, odt format, pdf format

2. Copy of the birth certificate or of the ID card (international passport) of the participant.

3. Copy of the bank transfer of the participation fee.

The documents shall be sent at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the following address:

“St. Tsar Boris I” Community Centre (For the Accordion Contest)
1444 Bistritsa
Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria
1 Shopsko Horo Street

The participation fees shall be transferred to the following bank account:

a) From Bulgaria (in BGN):

DSK Bank
ASBN: BG 61 STSA 930000 21431239 BIC: STSABGSF
Tatjana Jontscheva
Grounds for the payment: “For AC 2015” and the participant’s name

b) b) From abroad (in EUR):

DSK - Bank
ASBN: BG 14 STSA 93000021431309 BIC: STSABGSF
Tatjana Jontscheva
Grounds for the payment: “For AC 2015” and the participant’s name

Deadline for submitting the participation documents and fee – 30 June

For further information:

+359 2 944 95 95 – Anoaneta Prodanova
+359 2 992 21 17 – Venera Krivinska
+49 371 4022130 – Tatjana Jontscheva

The organisers will be grateful for any donation to the “Georgi Galabov” Foundation


Bank account:
IBAN: BG 14BPBI 7939 1079 2278 01, BIC: BPBIBGSF