18 – 19 October 2019, the village of Bistritsa, Sofia Municipality

The third International Accordion Contest “Georgi Galabov” is a natural continuation of the two previous National Accordion Contests and the Georgi Galabov’s work as a musician, teacher and man.



23 – 25 October 2015, the village of Bistritsa Sofia Municipality

The contest is named after Georgi Galabov. His works and creativity laid the foundations of the Bulgarian accordion school and he trained and taught a huge number of pupils and students who at present continue to develop his work throughout the country. Georgi Galabov represented Bulgaria in juries at international accordion contests for more than 30 years.

International participants in different age groups can also participate.

for solo accordion and accordion - chamber music

"Georgi Galabov" foundation is organizing National Composition Competition in the following categories: Solo accordion и Accordion - chamber music.

All compositions must be written for Accordion (standard or melodic bass) complying with its specifics.

Compositions in Accordion - chamber music category should be presented for 2 to 5 accordions or Accordion with up to 4 other instruments.