Georgi Galabov


Exactly eight decades ago in Dresden a “George the Victory-Bearer” was born to the astonishment and some envy on the part of the Germans. His birth is a remarkable event not only for his family but also for generations of Bulgarians and foreigners alike whom he led down the path of music igniting their love for the accordion that has been giving meaning to their lives since then.

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Activities and Publications

Georgi Galabov laid foundations of the professional accordion players’ school and established the accordion class at the Bulgarian State Conservatory in Sofia (1968). He also established the accordion class at the Music Pedagogy Institute in the city of Plovdiv in 1972.

He also worked as a teacher in many music schools and classes throughout the country – Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Vratsa, Pleven, etc.

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Georgi Galabov with students

Goals of the Georgi Galabov Foundation

The Georgi Galabov Foundation was established on 4th June 2014 by members of the Accordionist Club, relatives and students of Georgi Galabov.

The main goals of the foundation are to promote the Bulgarian original and folk music in the country and abroad, to support young accordion players in their music development and to organise regularly national accordion contests with international participation for solo artists and chamber bands.

The Georgi Galabov Foundation has the following priorities: to support the development of accordion pedagogy in the country, to promote the creation of new accordion compositions and to support the training and education related to music trends thus encouraging the development and conservation of culture.

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